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Copper Bonded Rod And Copper Bonded Rod Accessories
Contact AI EARTHING are Manufacturers and Exporters

Admin Office : AI EARTHING
11 – Govind Chhaya, Prem Nagar Bldg no.7,
Next . to MCF Garden, Prem Nagar, Borivali (West)
Mumbai- 400092 ,India.
Email id :,,
Factory 1 :-
495, P1,P1,P1, Unit no,3
Rohitvas, Motapondha
Tal. Kaparada
Dist. Valsad, Vapi – 396191
Gujrat, India
Contact Person: 
Ujjwal Shah (Managing Director)
+91-22-28957101 / +91-9820733979


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