Clamps and Fittings For Copper Bonded Rods

We are the Manufacturer of Copper Coupler, Brass Coupler, Gunmetal Coupler, U Bolt Clamp -SCE, Bonding Clamp, Driving Head, Copper C Clamp, Copper Tin Plating C Clamp, Cross Clamp,Universal Clamp, A Type of Clamp, G Type Clamp, Air Terminal Base, Square Tape Clamp, U Bolt Clamp – GUV,  Heavy Duty Cable Saddle, Cable Socket, O Clamp, PG Clamp, Water Pipe Clamp, DC Tape Clip, ETC. and other all earthing and lighting material products we manufacturer and exporter.

 Clamps Required For Copper Bonded Rod As Per Below.


        U Bolt Clamp sce

      Bonding clamp

Driving Head

             C Clamp

            Cross Clamp

         Universal Clamp

       A Type of Clamp

        G Type Clamp

       Air Terminal Base

Square tape clamp

   U – Bolt clamp – guv

Heavy duty cable saddle

         Cable socket

              O Clamp

               PG Clamp

     Water pipe clamp

           DC Tape clip

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